Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tolson 4 TEARS: A Poem for Child Abuse

"Footsteps in the Dark"

Mommy says Angel it's time for bed,
put on your nightgown, and lay down your head.
I'll finish these dishes, and come tuck you in,
I'll read you the story of The Fish's Pink Fins.
I ran up to my bedroom where my dollies live,
put on my nighty, and to each a hug I'd give.
I hear mommy coming to say her goodnight,
after she reads me a story she'll turn out my light.
I shudder to think about being left all alone,
I wish I were a little frog that could hide under a stone.
I hear mommy and her boyfriend talking real loud,
I hope they aren't fighting about 'three's a crowd.'
Finally it's still, they must be asleep,
I've been such a good girl and never uttered a peep.
Thats when I hear his footsteps in the dark,
he enters my room, on my bed he does park.
He tells me to be quiet, that I'm his little dove,
I feel his hands on my body, he says it's making love.
I remember to this day, the pain, and the sensation,
my childhood stolen, the feeling of degradation.
This offensive behavior went on for years,
until finally at eighteen, I left home in tears.
Why didn't she save me, instead of turn a blind eye,
I will never forget, or forgive her, until the day I die...
Thank you Chatty for submitting this poem on behalf of all child abuse victims
RIP Chatty! Love and Light, Lynn

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