Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tolson 4 TEARS Talks 2 "Females With A Mission"

Author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story, Lynn C. Tolson, was interviewed by Andrea Griggs for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Andrea hosts the blog talk radio show titled Females With A Mission, and she encourages all women to pursue their dreams and chase after what truly makes them happy. Educating, encouraging, and empowering women makes author/advocate Lynn C. Tolson happy, and Andrea provided her with the on-air platform. Andrea says, “Lynn shared her story of how she overcame a life of tragedy only to live and tell of her new life of victory.”

"Andrea L. Griggs is an ordinary woman who likes to pursue and learn of extraordinary things. She is a wife and mother who took it upon herself to begin empowering women to pursue their dreams and chase after what truly makes them happy. She emphatically believes that all women are Females With A Mission, and she is determined to empower women everywhere to do so. Females With A Mission Radio is a show that profiles women who have pursued their dreams and are living their mission out loud every day. As a Female With A Mission, Andrea has served diligently as a Hope For Women Magazine Blogger, an Editor/Proofreader, an Educator, a Social Media Manager, an On-Air Radio Personality, a Writer, and presently serves as a Board Advisor for Stiletto Woman Magazine. Currently, she delegates her time and energy to all things God ordained, and is perfecting her craft as a Female With A Mission."

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