Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tolson 4 TEARS Reviews "Living Write"

Do you want to write a book? Or do you just want to write for yourself every day? What is your vision as an author? This book will help you to achieve your goals!

Review of Living Write: The Secret to Inviting Your Craft Into Your Daily Life by Kelly L. Stone.
Kelly L. Stone delivers on the promise she makes in the title. She imparts her knowledge as a counselor and an author to advise aspiring writers on the act of daily writing. Kelly encourages writers to explore their vision and reach milestones while overcoming self-doubt. Readers learn what is possible as well as how to achieve it.
Whether you are a published author or a novice writer, there are tools in Living Write that will appeal to your level of development. Kelly also shows writers what self-sabotaging systems to throw out of the tool box! Instead, techniques to improve the traits of a successful writer are introduced, such as “role-modeling” and “image incorporation.”
Living Write is not an editing or grammar guide, nor does it contain writing prompts and brain teasers. What it does offer is a thorough examination of a writer’s mind set, and methods to implement the positive traits into the act of daily writing.
Living Write is a must-read for anyone searching for the secret to successful writing. It includes a CD with guided meditations and daily exercises for writers. 

Review completed by Lynn C. Tolson
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