Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beyond the TEARS Receives 5 Star Review

Powerful! Raw! Honest!

Beyond the Tears: A True Survivors Story is a MUST read for survivors and all who love them especially survivors of suicide, incest, and domestic violence.
At the start of each chapter I noted a special quote that had a connection with that chapter. What a wonderful and special treat for the reader!
Putting pen to paper leads to new discoveries on the true depth on the aftermath of incest and so much more. From page one I felt as though I was with Lynn as she described her world, bringing the reader on each curve, each suspenseful twist or smile. 
I felt so connected on many levels due to my own journey. Soulful angst, abandonment, search for love, healthy love, and searching in literally all the wrong places with all the wrong people not knowing or understanding we are deserving so much more especially after what was done to us and what was ingrained in us.
Our society wants us to keep silent on such taboo subjects yet this author braves the storm-front and breaks with traditions sharing long held secrets, breaking cycles and talking about the six letter word. 
Voices need to he heard and stories need to be told. Thank you Ms. Tolson for sharing your journey! (Elizabeth Brawley, Child Abuse Advocate, Survivor and Poet)

Elizabeth Brawley is a devoted advocate for human rights and animal rights. She is currently on board with Can You Identify Me, an organization dedicated to finding the missing and identifying the lost. You can follow on Twitter 

An abundance of appreciation goes to Elizabeth Brawley for her tireless efforts!

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