Monday, January 2, 2012

Beyond the Tears: Receives 5 Star Review

Triumph Over Adversity!
[Beyond the Tears] is the story of triumph over a series of adversities, and learning to love life after wanting to die. Lynn C. Tolson has captured a time period and given us a glimpse of that era from her unique viewpoint. This behind-the-scenes perspective takes us through Sixties and Seventies American culture, while conveying the author's hardships and turmoil with wit and deep insights. Her narrative resounds with humorous and poetic depictions as she undergoes family strife, endures child abuse and later assaults, survives violent close calls and suicidal impulses, careens farther off-course in a haze of drugs and alcohol, rejects then embraces therapy to emerge a healthy creative individual. 
The book [Beyond the Tears] is an engaging and affecting account of a life nearly lost but eventually discovered -- cherished -- directed toward fulfillment through love, social work, advocacy, writing and art. Although it is a tale of woes and torments, Lynn's voice manages to guide and inform the reader with a style that is both soothing and appealing. Whether you can relate to her specific travails or not, this is indeed a story that is worthy of being read. The emotions portrayed and repercussions of her experiences are universal; everyone has suffered some degree of anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt. Lori R. Lopez, poet and author @LoriRLopez

Lori R. Lopez writes novels, a number of book series, short stories, poetry and columns in a variety of genres including Horror, Fantasy and Humor. (Read one of her poems here and another one here.) Available titles range from a volume of verse and prose based on her POETIC REFLECTIONS column to a collection of strange tales, OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES, and CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES: a sampler of the author's best horror tales. In 2012 she will release additional books including her award-winning novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS and digital versions for the OUT-OF-MIND collection and a Horror-Fantasy novel DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS (Tome One of The Tome Trilogy Of Trilogies).

Lori R. Lopez

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