Friday, January 21, 2011

Tolson 4 TEARS Talks 2 Laurie Ann Smith

Lynn C. Tolson talked with Laurie Ann Smith about the similarities in experience and perspectives between survivors of abuse. Laurie Ann is the author of "A Life of Death and Redemption" which is her memoir about child abuse and its ramifications, such as drug abuse and suicidal thinking. Lynn and Laurie discussed the roles children play, including "scapegoat" and the vanishing of the "inner child." Both Lynn and Laurie had to learn healthy coping skills, and make hard choices about divorcing themselves from toxic family members. Laurie is the Canada Regional Director for Dreamcatchers for abused children. Dreamcatchers is dedicated to educating the public on child abuse. You can hear their discussion from January 17, 2011 here:

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