Monday, February 21, 2011

Tolson 4 TEARS Cheers Poem 4 Suicide Awareness

"On the Brink"
by Lori R. Lopez

We have all felt forlorn
Unprotected, shocked and worn
With no solace or net
For one moment and yet
We survive
We’re still alive
Asway on the brink
It is harder than you think
What’s disguised as relief
Would bring a deeper state of grief
That final wisp of life
Can slash sharper than a knife
Through the hearts of those behind
Do not shut them from your mind
You may think nobody cares
In the midst of empty stares
When you feel the most alone
With every anguish you have known
Reaching out can seem so heavy
Blocked by doubt, a massive levee
When you’re standing on the verge
Of giving up and finding courage
The edge is farther than it seems
You once had hope, you once had dreams
The sun will shine again tomorrow
Joy will rise from out of sorrow
This cold dagger in your palm
To spill warm blood as if a balm
Is just an ugly fallacy
A harsh uncaring enemy
It isn’t an escape
To leave the world you’ve known agape
Bereft, your life unfinished
Your potential worth diminished
No pill or weapon soothes the pain
This act would only cause a stain
A jagged open wound
Like a blaring chord untuned
A bandit cloaked in stealth
Who would rob you of your health
But this time it’s up to you
There is so much you can do
If you would only stop and think
There’s no farther you can sink
By disappearing in the earth
You cannot erase your birth
You are a cog, you are a fact
The smallest gesture, any act
Could matter to someone
Don’t leave yourself undone
Life flows on, it will get better
Release the pain, the binds that fetter
There are more ways of being free
Don’t leave a hole where you should be
Lives untouched, the future broken
Smiles unshared, kind words unspoken
As if a bomb had just exploded
Guns are better left unloaded
So if you’re standing on that brink
It’s not as bad as you might think
Don’t let go at the end of the rope
There is always a way to cope
You can find a reason to live
By thinking positive.
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