Monday, August 22, 2011

Tolson 4 TEARS Reviews "Whispers From Within"

Earlier in 2011 I came across a UK poet and advocate John Harrison, and was impressed by his unique, personal, and dramatic method to break the silence.  I've had the good fortune to read his anthology of poems about surviving abuse, the after effects, and the mental health system. I've had the good fortune of reading his anthology "Whispers From Within." Here is my review of his poignant poetry:

John Harrison published his private poems to raise awareness of child abuse and its consequences. He does this eloquently in the words of this collection.
Mr. Harrison endured the horrors of child abuse, its multiple and complex ramifications, as well as the neglect and ignorance of the systems that should serve to protect. Abuse is not only the actions, but also the attitudes in our society. He shares this in a style that is not contrived.
The introduction tells the back story with raw expression. It is rooted in the reality of an abuse survivor who had the foundation for a safe and strong life ripped out from under him. The writing is uncensored and sensitive. The reader will say, “That’s exactly what I was thinking/feeling but could not put into words.” Mr. Harrison writes these thoughts and emotions with an edge that is too clever to ignore.
Mr. Harrison writes to make sense of the craziness that is nonsense, such as the ways humans inflict pain on each other. He also offers the reader moments of grace and mercy, all of which help to acquire knowledge in the school of life.
Emotions are universal; readers can relate to the poems that express his search for meaning, the hunger for understanding, and the need for justice. The poems are poignant and powerful, with profound phrases that are enlightening.
Read this collection of poems from a survivor’s perspective, and the words will surely resonate with you. Thank you Mr. Harrison for telling it like it is.

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