Friday, December 2, 2011

Tolson 4 TEARS on "Survivor Radio Cafe"

The Project 4 TEARS = Telling Everyone About Rape and Suicide One of the first opportunities I had to break the silence and comfort victims was on the web at Survivor Radio Cafe, hosted by Haullie Free and Ginger Gillenwater, author of Surviving Jane. Although this interview aired in 2008, it still speaks about the stigma victims of abuse often shoulder; the shame feels like the weight of the world until it's lifted via hope and healing. I'm recirculating this discussion because it challenges society to put the burden of shame on the perpetrator of abuse, and not to blame the victim. 

Haullie Free has not been silent all these years. She recently launched a blog and Facebook page with the intention to bring Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence important News, Updates, Announcements and Inspiration for the Healing Mind, Body and Soul. Haullie says that her blog is a Tori Amos inspired site for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence: Speaking out one voice at a time.

You can listen to the archived interview here:

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