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Tolson 4 TEARS Cheers Blue Ribbon Campaign 4 Awareness

The BLUE RIBBON is the
recognized symbol for
Child Abuse Awareness


Internet-based talk radio"Community Matters" This Week and "Stop Child Abuse Now" (SCAN) shows are now on the air LIVE ..
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"Community Matters" ~  our Sunday night talk  show will air LIVE and ON LOCATION inSACRAMENTO~
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Please join us for our LIVE show from the "Army of Angels" launching of April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month. Special guests and celebrities will join the GALA event !

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Regarding NAASCA
I'm willing and eager to travel anywhere in the country to speak to groups about my experiences, and more importantly about my recovery. I want to educate the public about the issues of child abuse, and will happily offer to honestly answer and all questions.

Media and individuals should feel free to contact me at the email address you'll find below (please add NAASCA to the subject line). We'd love to know what you think of our new efforts. Your comments will help guide us as we grow.

And, as noted earlier, I'll gladly make personal appearances anywhere in the country, and give media interviews.

NOTE: My story was first told
on Episode #63, recorded in October 2009, now a special
FEATURED SHOW, It was the first time I publicly spoke of my experiences and of my over 25 years of recovery from severe child abuse.
Help us help you ..
Feel free to write to me at with
your ideas and comments
about how we can better
accommodate the need to
Stop Child Abuse !!!


PLEASE .. forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign up for our email list !!

LACP / NAASCA launch Blue Ribbon Campaign
for April - National Child Abuse Awareness Month
SUNDAY, April 1, 2012
Dear friends:

The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse ( and LA Community Policing (, our two sister organizations, have come together to launch a new Blue Ribbon Neighborhood Watch Campaign .. and are asking everyone in the nation to wear the symbol of awareness of child abuse in the month of April.

Why April?

Now in it's 29th year, the month was originally set aside by proclamation in 1983 during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan as a way of raising awareness for the issues of child abuse in America.

The Blue Ribbon that's associated with child abuse (much as pink ribbons are associated with breast cancer) was first established in 1989, yet few are aware of it even today.
To us it seems the country is just now starting to talk more seriously about these issues, learning to put aside the taboo of discussing such things as childhood sexuality in favor of saving our kids.

And that's a first step ..

Make yours a Blue Ribbon Neighborhood Watch group

NAASCA / LACP - Ready to help? Go Directly To ORDER PAGE
One of the premiere community-based policing programs is the neighborhood watch group, sometimes referred to as the community watch, and our children are among our most vulnerable residents.

Inexpensive and easy to support, and extremely effective, most police departments who understand the philosophy of community policing help to sponsor such meetings, often held monthly. The partnerships that result from such encounters frequently result in less crime and a reduction in the fear of crime, and they tend to raise the quality of life.

Yet few neighborhood watch groups, formed for the reason of fostering local public safety, ever consider a serious discussion of child abuse prevention, intervention and recovery.
CLICK HERE to see the statistics of the abused.
We want to designate any group that deals with public safety, like a Neighborhood Watch, a church group, a community safety group, a neighborhood improvement association, a Kiwanis or Lion's Club, the Boy and Girl Scout Troops, a club in a school, hospital or public health groups, city halls and other non profit activist groups .. in short, anywhere public safety is an issue .. as a Blue Ribbon Group .. if they are willing to discuss child abuse at least ONE TIME A YEAR as part of their monthly meeting agenda.

The statistics show our children (America's TRUE treasure) are being sacrificed to childhood sexual abuse, severe violence, emotional trauma and neglect at an alarming rate.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates conservatively that 50% of our kids will be effected by one of these types of child abuse before that are 18 years old !!

We want to change that .. and we're asking for your help.

We're asking neighborhood watch groups and all other public safety groups around the nation to participate!

To us it seems logical that our two organizations, one devoted to public safety and the other to the safety of our kids should be the vehicle for this unique proposal.

The idea's a simple one ..

We want to designate any meeting that's willing to spend at least a portion of their time in just one meeting a year (if it can be APRIL, Child Abuse Awareness Month, all the better) to discussing the topic of protecting our children from child abuse as a Blue RibbonNeighborhood Watch group .. and we'll send you all the supplies you'll need.
Few realize how many of our children, the most vulnerable and weakest among us and our true national treasure, are subjected to criminals who stalk, abuse, kidnap, traffic and kill our kids.
We've got to do all we can to raise awareness .. and end abuse!

Please .. join us.

Yours in service,

Bill Murray

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child

Los Angeles Community

"Stop Child Abuse Now" (SCAN)FACEBOOK cause
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