Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tolson 4 TEARS Cheers Guest Poet on "Hope"

Thank you to Nicole Wross for sharing your poetry on the Beyond the Tears blog. You speak for victims/survivors who need to know there is a measure of recovery after trauma if we hold on to HOPE

Hope Sustains Me
A person of trust to whom I innocently bow,
yet something is wrong, so wrong somehow.
No longer protected from without nor within,
my innocence lost, now stolen again.
Under the influence of something unknown,
being taken away to a place not my own.
Awaken and bound, my freedom now restrained.
Frightened and scared, my soul now stained.
How could I let happen, this thing done to me?
Was I cursed at birth, to whom do I plea?
Savagely taken and taken again,
the morning becomes day, a day with no end.
I scream and I plead yet nothing is heard.
No sound can be made, not even a word.
I struggle and fight yet nothing can you see,
my body lies motionless, it is no longer me.
A door now shuts, a car drives away.
My mind comes back, in that moment I pray.
My bonds once tight now loosened by this sin,
free now am I, my life back to win.
Surely my tormentor will be back on this day,
now free, I run and keep running away.
Lost and confused, saved on a dirt road,
‘tis a stranger who saves me and carries my load.
I bathe and I scrub till my wounds again bleed,
my mind and my body to exhaustion concede.
Day becomes night, night becomes day.
Should I open my mouth? What would I say?
Justice is sought but none can be found.
Forever will this memory to my soul be bound.
Years go by, yet the wound, time does not heal.
It is forgiveness that allows my future to unseal.
Through all the pain, the suffering and tears,
it is hope that strengthens me to face my fears.
Hope is right now, this very moment, today!
The past, not forgotten, yet hope finds a way.

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