Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tolson 4 TEARS Cheers "Emerging From Broken"

Congratulations to Darlene Ouimet, certified life coach and mental health advocate, for publishing the blog Emerging From Broken. Darlene Ouimet, offers "a message of hope for recovery from depression and abuse, and for living in fullness." 

Written by Darlene Ouimet, the mission of Emerging From Broken is 

"To inspire hope for healing, wholeness, recovery and freedom to all who struggle with mental health issues such as mild or chronic depression, dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality, child sexual abuse, psychological abuse or abuse of any kind."

Darlene says, "I am excited to offer a message that is unique, sharing the missing puzzle pieces I have found that many others are seeking to find. I am a passionate advocate of emotional, mental and psychological health. This is a place of inspiration and connection where I share my journey and we share our journey with all other seekers, learning and growing together. I welcome feedback, insight and viewpoints from your own personal journeys."

"Emerging from Broken offers unique insight exposing the lies at the root of depression, sexual abuse, and all types of mental health struggle by shedding light on the empowering truth."
I had the honor of being a guest blogger for Emerging From Broken. The topics were about religion and abuse (with 92 comments) as well as feelings and abuse (with 92 comments).
The most beneficial aspect of Emerging From Broken comes through the interactive platform: readers feel free to comment, and Darlene Ouimet and other readers respond and share. It's like an online peer-to-peer group with consistent support on a multitude of topics.

Cheers to Darlene Ouimet for providing an honest, helpful, and hopeful site for survivors!

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