Friday, October 26, 2012

Tolson 4 TEARS Talks About Self-Esteem

Radio Show Host Misa Leonessa Garavaglia talked with author Lynn C. Tolson. Misa (@misaleonessa) is a trained coach and spiritual director who believes we can find hope in the midst of life’s challenges. Misa hosts for the O.A.B.I.: Voices United Radio Network, which "is the place where global voices unite against abuse and domestic violence. Breaking the silence is not a popular choice but it is the right choice." (@ovu_network)

Misa and Lynn talked about building healthy self-esteem.  Misa says that "Low self-esteem is a very common effect of childhood abuse and domestic violence." The dictionary defines self-esteem as confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect. However, self-esteem is difficult to define because it is often confused with the concept of conceit. Lynn says that “Conceit is a result of the ego, and a selfish point of view. However, self-esteem and self-love originate in the soul, which is the essence of love.” Self-esteem develops when we do not pay too much attention to negative traits while neglecting positive qualities. Try accepting all aspects of your identity, both your strengths and weaknesses. You are greater than the sum of all parts." There are specific steps to improving self-esteem, including being aware of talents and abilities, beliefs and values.

You can listen to the discussion at the link below!

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