Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tolson 4 TEARS* TV Interview 4 Awareness

In this interview, which aired in St. Joseph, MO, I (Lynn C. Tolson) was asked about the process of writing a personal memoir. I really wanted to talk about awareness of domestic violence and sexual abuse, but the host was eager to hear about the publishing process. The theme of the interview is similar to what I cover in the prologue to Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story.
***For nearly twenty years, I engaged in careers in retail, real estate and property management. Every working day left me feeling unfulfilled, as if I was living a false life. My real life began not by changing jobs, but by putting pen to paper in journal writing sessions. Themes emerged regarding the impact of my sexual abuse, drug addiction, and suicide attempts. By using the journal to write about the problems and solutions discussed in my counseling sessions, a story of transformation evolved. My desire to share a message of healing from trauma became too strong to ignore; the book became a mission. I left the corporate environment to write my story about personal yet universal emotional issues. Although journal writing was a cathartic experience, the book was written with the courage to face my fears, with compassion for myself and others, and a conviction to tell the truth.
By bringing my dark secrets to light, it is my hope that others who have had similar events will know that they are not alone. Readers may explore their own emotions to open lines of communication, eliminate shame, and experience healing. I also hope that my book promotes understanding of the issues that cause individual suffering and plague our society.***

Another question to ask is "Why read Beyond the Tears?" You'll find the answer by clicking here!

*TEARS: Telling Everyone About Rape & Suicide, so no shed tear is wasted

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