Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tolson 4 TEARS Cheers Michal Madison ART

Michal Madison is an artist on a mission to bring awareness to child abuse and domestic violence. Her soulful images have an effect on feelings such that words cannot describe. As I gaze upon any one of her paintings, whether it be a portrait, a collage, or an abstract, I am often moved to emotional places that my logical intellect barred me from exploring. Her paintings inform on an intuitive level! As Michal says, "art captures emotions that could never be expressed in words!" She often incorporates her own prose or collaborates with others to provide poems that reflect the image.

I "met" Michal Madison on the internet when we discussed healing journeys on air via blog talk radio for the O.A.B.I. Voices United Network. (Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals). We candidly shared our stories of survival to bring hope to victims.

Michal Madison says, "i've been deeply impacted by sexual abuse as a child. the cycle continued with domestic violence as an adult. i've had to work through feelings of helplessness & shame, betrayal & confusion. art keeps me grounded. it gives me a voice when i can't find my own words. art has helped me to keep breathing, & keep trusting in Creator. I believe that Creator is really using art to help me reach down deep inside & find joy, strength & courage to rise above the past! healing is a lifelong journey."

Yes, healing may be a lifelong journey for survivors of abuse. Yet, as Michal Madison generously shares her abundant gifts, may we all benefit from the images she produces from her heart to ours.

Have a look and see for yourself:

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