Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tolson 4 TEARS* Cheers Advocate Patricia McKnight

Advocate for victims of child abuse and domestic violence, Patricia McKnight @triciagirl62 is a force of nature! She has the energy and drive to bring awareness to the topics too often ignored in our society. Tricia says "I now share my voice to help others understand they too can break free and claim their own happiness in life, feel safe, and finally feel true freedom."

As the author of My Justice she shares "the true details of the abuse that controlled 32 years of my life. The abandonment of my entire family; the neglect and sacrifice of me to keep peace within the home; the severe damage of the child abuse that set what was acceptable and trained as a pattern of life; the scars, physical damage and emotional trauma that I still carry; to the regained spirit, freedom, Safety!"

Patricia has taken her advocacy for victims and battle for justice to a higher calling: by using a variety of internet sites and public speaking venues, she is able to provide hope, healing, education and empowerment. She is an activist who expends energy and enthusiasm to offer information via her personal experience and professional knowledge from, victim advocate training to public speaking engagements.

Patricia McKnight

Patricia McKnight is the host of the Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Blog Talk Radio Show, where she features guests on topics of domestic violence, child abuse, trauma, and recovery. I [Lynn C. Tolson] was a live on-air guest and the discussion evolved to include the concept of THRIVES. What does it mean to THRIVE? We used a word-game to develop the many ways survivors can THRIVE without even realizing it! For example, the T in THRIVES can stand for Truth, because it is in telling our Truth that we begin to heal.  In addition to the on-air show, Tricia has developed the Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery group on Facebook as well as the comprehensive site for survivor stories and victim resources. Tricia says: "information shared here is to help you regain some sense of positive belief in your life after abuse." Thank you to Patricia McKnight for the passion to help others, the courage to make a difference, and the mission to bring awareness.

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Post completed by Lynn C. Tolson, author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story

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