Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tolson 4 TEARS Cheers Healing Arts for Abuse Recovery

Cheers to the powerful combination of the arts to comfort victims of abuse. Poet Mary Graziano marries her prolific words with provocative paintings by Michal Madison to offer inspiration and evoke emotions. As a viewer/reader you can't help but be moved to tears by the vows these artists have taken to break the silence of domestic violence and child abuse. The pairing of these art forms conveys meaningful messages that have a lasting effect. Both artists are aligned with Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, founded by Patricia A. McKnight (@triciagirl62) author of My Justice. You can listen to Michal and Tricia as hosts of the popular Butterfly Dreams show on Blog Talk Radio.

The brim of her hat
Hides the sadness
That erupts in her eyes,
Words that cut deep
To the very depths
Of her soul,
No smile ever touches
Her beautiful lips,

Sadness grabs hold,
Pushes away
Any happiness
That had ever
Been felt, pushing her
Into a dark place
Deeper and deeper
Not able to escape,
Her fears, her thoughts
Racing wildly for
She knows all too well
How one word,
One wrong move
Will cause havoc
To her body.

All the blows he has
Inflicted on her
Has marked her for life,
Silent screams
Of terror fills
Her body
That has been
Racked with pain,
Trembling with fear
Wondering what
Each and every day
Is going to bring.

The brim of her hat
Remains in place,
Her eyes filled
With tears,
From the beatings
That left them
Bruised black
And blue
Stripping her of
Dignity, her love
For life.
Time has not
Changed and will
Not unless she
Can escape the clutches
Of a Domestic abuser.
Mary Graziano ©

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