Friday, April 25, 2014

Tolson 4 TEARS* Cheers Male Abuse Awareness Projects

Male Abuse Awareness is an International Program hosted by the P. Luna Foundation
"Male Abuse Awareness Week as a campaign held every year from Dec 1st through 8th. The website is the extension of that program, which is dedicated to the special needs of young boys and men who have been abused. (via PLF).

You can be aware by finding statistics of boys who are abused, which is under reported at 1 in 6. How do you find understanding for the lost souls who are victims of rape, incest, and sexual assault? Perhaps a poem by male survivor Michael J. Kullick will guide you in finding compassion for victims devastated by crimes so heinous, there are no words.

There are no words to
describe my pain
explain how I feel
Tell you I'm hurting.

There are no feelings 
left in my body
they all left
The day you hurt me.

There are no tears 
to be shed
because there are
No words inside me.

No words only numbness
Feelings severed from my body
Ripped from my Soul 
By Your Bare Hands.

Michael Kullick
"This poem appears in an anthology for a collection of poems written by adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This anthology provides the reader with a deeper and more personal understanding of the devastating impact of sexual abuse on men."

In addition to sharing his poetry, Michael J. Kullick has also shared his story on Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Radio, hosted by Patricia A. Mcknight.

Blog post completed by Lynn C. Tolson, author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story
*Tolson 4 TEARS Telling Everyone About Rape & Suicide, so no shed tear is wasted. 

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