Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tolson 4 TEARS Reviews "Panic Child"

Panic Child: A Harrowing True Story of Sexual Abuse and Neglect by Carol D. Levine is a memoir about a childhood lost to abandonment, mistreatment, and confusion. As a child, Carol was not offered protection or guidance or even nourishment. She was denied basic human rights within her own home, leaving her burdened and vulnerable before first grade.
It takes courage to write a true story about child abuse when the author is also the victim. Yet Carol D. Levine gathered her strength to tell her story of abuse so that she can help bring awareness to the crime of child abuse. Her story shares vividly what child abuse and sexual assault feels like. The reader cannot help but feel empathy for the little girl who is lost, lonely, and isolated. Carol also brings attention to the symptoms of her fears and frightening experiences: She suffered from “panic attacks” that made her think she was “going crazy.” Victims of childhood abuse often use drugs and/or alcohol to alleviate the pain. Carol writes about how her use of alcohol escalated in plain sight of a cold and distant mother and a distracted step-father.

As Carol matures in the narrative, she makes every effort to move through the trauma she experienced. She shares with the reader how her faith, and one friend at a time, helped her to develop a life free from the cycle of abuse. She is now a strong survivor who is an articulate advocate that brings inspiration to those who need healing. Bravo to Carol for having a conviction to tell the truth!

(Carol Levine is co-host with Bill Murray on the Blog Talk Radio program SCAN: Stop Child Abuse Now)

Review completed by Lynn C. Tolson, author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story

Authors and advocates Lynn C. Tolson and Carol Levine discussed the similarities in their stories on SCAN: Stop Child Abuse Now

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