Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tolson 4 TEARS* Reviews "I Am Me" by Patrick Dati

Patrick Dati has written a memoir that explores his intense journey to self-identity. His personhood was dramatically changed when he was attacked by the serial killer John Wayne Gacy. How can a nine-year-old boy act attentive in school when burdened by the experience of rape? It’s too much to bear.

It appears that Patrick acted his whole life. He was pressured by a guilt-tripping mother to be who she wanted him to be. He sought her approval, tirelessly tried to please, and yearned to be accepted. Meanwhile, his older brother bullied and bashed him, adding to the confusion of childhood. Patrick lost his spontaneous personality early in his life, leading to an adolescence and adulthood disrupted by mind-numbing obsessive-compulsive activities. As a Catholic, he turned to religious rituals as a coping mechanism. He acted “as if” he was what everyone else wanted him to be.

Patrick lived in the shell of shame that typically encloses a victim of rape. His secrets led him to take on roles not beneficial to his unique personality. He married domineering women who controlled what he wore, where he lived, and even when (if) he could see his own daughter. He engaged in relationships that were emotionally and verbally abusive. He lived a life of pretense.

With the help of a mentor and for the love of his daughter, Patrick emerged from his shell. He explores the depths of his being and comes to terms with his sexuality. He tells the reader how he learned to embrace his authentic self. In this courageous memoir, Patrick conveys a message of hope for living a life with integrity and individuality.

Mr. Patrick Dati @PatrickDati has developed the site You and Me Can Stop Bullies.  You can hear him talk about his journey on SCAN: Stop Child Abuse Now for the National Association Adult Survivors Child Abuse with host Bill Murray.

Review completed by Lynn C. Tolson, author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story *Tolson 4 TEARS: Telling Everyone About Rape & Suicide, so no shed tear is wasted.

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