Monday, January 12, 2015

Tolson 4 TEARS* Cheers Svava Brooks, Advocate

Bravo to Svava Brooks for her devotion to prevention of child abuse and advocacy for survivors! Ms Brooks is a survivor of child sexual abuse and speaks openly about her experience in the hopes that it will help others know they are not alone. She leads by example in breaking the silence on this devastating and pervasive problem of incest. She has dedicated her life to ending the cycle of abuse through education and awareness, as well as by supporting survivors. Svava also reaches out by offering online peer support for adult survivors of child sexual abuse at one,  which provides personalized support for survivors of childhood sexual trauma. 

Svava Brooks has developed a program to help survivors, which includes FREE tools for starting your healing journey after sexual trauma. She says, "You CAN heal yourself. You CAN take charge of your life again! Here are the steps & resources that were essential in my healing, that put me on the path to empowerment - they CAN do the same for you."

I have watched the videos of the program Svava offers, and followed the accompanying PDF materials. She has offered her personal experience and extensive education to support survivors in a gentle yet effective manner. You can begin here Tools to Heal Your Life with the Roadmap to Healing.

Svava is a Certified Instructor and Facilitator for Darkness to Light Stewards of Children, a child sexual abuse prevention program. She provides evidence-based training throughout California.  In addition, Svava has developed programs for adults and teens to learn about the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Svava Brooks efforts are global. She is the co-founder of a child sexual abuse prevention and education organization in Iceland, Blátt áfram

Svava also maintains a web site at Educate4change, which is dedicated to ending the cycle of child sexual abuse. The blog at Speak4change offers information on how survivors can get the help they need, as well as providing education for ending child sexual abuse. Svava says, "You are not alone, together we can stop the cycle, together we can heal via awareness, education, and support." Svava knows that "we are stronger together." Facebook page here

*Tolson 4 TEARS: Telling Everyone About Rape & Suicide, so no shed tear is wasted.
Post completed by Lynn C. Tolson, author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story

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