Media Release 4 Beyond the Tears


Book Tells Story of Tumultuous Life, Suicide Attempt, & Successful Therapy
Following a lifetime of pain, a troubled 25-year-old woman attempts suicide. She seeks counseling afterward, revealing the secrets that have plagued her for years. Therapy helps her to begin healing. In her new memoir, Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story, Lynn C. Tolson tells her story of a chaotic life in an effort to help others who have gone through the same ordeals begin to heal.
During therapy sessions, the young woman tells her story through flashbacks. Her parents divorce when she is 5 and her mother immediately remarries. Her step-father is tormented by growing up in war-torn England and being in the Korean War. Her step-mother gives birth to a Down syndrome child. Later, her brother molests her and their mother enters a psychiatric hospital. Tolson's adolescence includes alternate bouts of withdrawal and rebellion, wrapping her up in the culture of the 1960's. Her schizophrenic father commits suicide shortly after she enters college. She unwittingly continues the chaos by marrying an older, abusive man. Her own suicide attempt prompts her to seek therapy, opening the doors to love and the value of life. Through her story, Tolson hopes to convey to readers that they are not alone.
This work of creative non-fiction reads like a novel instead of a typical self-help book. It fulfills a need for real stories of recovery. By telling her story, Tolson hopes to encourage readers to open lines of communication, eliminate shame, and experience healing.
Tolson moved to the Southwest after eighteen years in the Northeast. Her working days in retail, real estate, and property management left her unfulfilled. When she began writing in her journal, her real life began. She worked through her experiences with abuse, addiction, and suicide. She left her corporate job to move to the Midwest, write this book, and she returned to college for a degree in social work. She lives in the Rocky Mountain region.

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